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You can offer equipment leasing to your customers…

Provide your customers with low monthly lease payment options on your equipment quotes and watch your sales grow! Whether you are looking for financing on a single transaction, or multiple transactions to any number of customers, the leasing professionals at Mosaic International Corporation will provide a leasing program that will give your company an additional competitive edge.


Mosaic International Corporation will handle all aspects of the lease. We will provide your company with preferred pricing and payment terms to offer your customers. We will take care of all the credit investigations, approvals, and all necessary paperwork. This allows you to concentrate on sales.

We also have equipment leasing programs for federal agencies and municipalities in the United States and Canada as well as Native American Tribes.

Our leasing professionals can customize a private label program for your company. Documents are designed to complement your existing corporate identity.

Please feel free to contact us with any leasing questions you may have.

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Sales Benefits of Leasing

Leasing Closes More Sales
One of the greatest benefits leasing provides is the speed and efficiency with which a sale can be closed. Payments can start immediately – in attractive and affordable terms. Documents can be sent to your customer within 24 hours. You keep control of the sale and get the customer to commit.

Leasing Overcomes Cost Objections
By quoting lease figures, you present the cost of your equipment in the least expensive terms. You can change a possible negative price image into an easily budgeted item. Your customer will see that the time and cost saving generated by the new equipment will far exceed the low monthly lease payment.

Leasing Generates Larger Sales
You increase the customers purchasing power by offering leasing. Since the incremental monthly lease cost of a larger unit or additional features is so small, your customer is more inclined to increase the size of their purchase…and your profits.

Leasing Builds Repeat Business
You will find that leasing builds customer loyalty and leads to more frequent add-ons, trade-ups, and new equipment acquisitions than an outright purchase. Our leasing programs allow you to structure your customers agreement to allow them to keep up with changing technology.

Leasing Makes It Convenient
Through leasing, you make it easy and convenient for your customers to acquire your equipment. No need to delay your sales while other financing is sought by your customer. You control the sale. Your customer wants, needs, and expects a single source to fill their needs. Do not underestimate the convenience and value of this additional service to you and your customer.