Mosaic International Corporation offers equipment financing for Native American Indian Tribes interesting in acquiring equipment for tribal operations and tribal owned enterprises.  Some of the lease financing options that are available include:

Lease Terms:
From 24 to 60 months
Payment Options:
Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annual Payments
End of Term Options:
1¤ Buy-Out, 10% Residual or 20% Residual

Tax-Exempt Financing for Tribal Operations

The equipment must be essential to tribal operations, whether it is office type equipment for the tribal administrative office, a bus for the tribal school, a forklift for the road department, medical equipment for the tribal hospital, etc.

Essential use is usually considered tax-exempt under IRS guidelines. This means the interest the tribe pays does not have to be reported to the IRS by the lender, thus reducing the rate to the tribal entity.

Note: Our finance documents do include a Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity.

Expanded Options for Tribal Lease Financing

For leasing equipment to Tribal Nations, please call 800-805-1969

Financing Available for Gaming Equipment
November 15, 2004
Gaming equipment can now be financed by Tribal Owned casinos and gaming establishments due to special arrangements with Mosaic International’s investors. Please contact us for additional information. 1.800.805.1969 ext. 111

Financing for Tribal Enterprises

We can also finance equipment that is used in a tribal enterprise (contingent on financial approval), and as long as the tribe co-signs the finance documents for the enterprise. The tax advantage to the lender does not exist on this type of a transaction.

Some of the tribal owned businesses that may qualify for this type of financing include:

Tribal Owned Supermarkets, Tribal Owned Convenience Stores, Tribal Owned Gift Shops, Tribal Owned Hotels, Tribal Owned Casinos